Asix - Best Source of Your Horse Feed

Backed by years of experience, Asix offers a diverse range of first-rate feed products that are suited to optimize the performance of your animals. At Asix, we believe every horse has individual requirements and provide perfect blend of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins to bring out the best in your animal at any age or activity level. With the main focus on quality, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and provide you with exceptional quality ingredients.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is our top priority. Proper nutrition and high extent of care are essential ingredients to a healthy and high performing horse. We understand that there is not any compromise on your animal’s health and for this we provide quality feeds formulated to match all nutritional requirements. Our quality control programs and precise balance of best nutrients are part of our everyday work. Scientifically proven products and services, innovation, integrity and dedication are the hallmarks of Asix. As the highest quality feed source, Asix is your reliable partner with excellent services, top end quality and consistent on-time delivery. Asix is committed to fulfilling long established relationship with each and every customer.

Why Choose Asix?

Our Vision

Our vision is simple just like our products. Customers and their demands are more important for us than sales. Asix has long been dedicated to the delivery of top-end quality horse feeds for the horse owners by using only the finest ingredients and utmost attention to every single detail. The need for proper nutrition of horses is paramount. We believe that with carefully controlled feeding programs, horse’s each essential nutritional requirement can be met. With the strong ties with Canada, US and Australia, Argentina, Asix brings you the scientifically proven feed products based on standardized quality. Asix customers don’t have to worry about feed and bedding products anymore. Right products will reach to them on the right truck at the right time with the right price.

Our Mission

We have been firmly adhered to our main ambition which is providing our customers with high-end services, on-time and consistent delivery of first-rate feed products to meet every requirement of our reputed customers. Since its inception, Asix has been catering all needs of customers by distributing best possible feeds. At Asix, we believe in consistent improvement. In the wake of our firm belief, we feel pleasure to accept latest advancements and changing trends in global feeding markets. With the intention of continual betterment, we have been expanding our vision to ensure maximum benefits to our customers. Our commitment to excellence, quality and experience of years has enabled us to stick to our mission while meeting your all needs.

Choose the Best for Your Animal

Horse Feed Formulations by Asix provide the superior quality nutrition for animal’s requirements by utilizing finest of fresh natural ingredients supporting better digestion, incredible well-being and exceptional performance. By facilitating our services, you will be confident that you are feeding a fully balanced diet to meet your horse’s all dietary requirements. To know more about our incredible services click the following links.

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